The ITR method

Do you have clients with extensive trauma history or clients that complain of dissociation? If you are seeking simple method to effectively treat clients who don’t seem to make any gains no matter what methods you use, you are going to really appreciate what we have to share with you.

Dr. Lou Tinnin and Dr. Linda Gantt spent the over 30 years developing treatments for difficult issues related to traumas of all kinds. The consistent results we have seen are truly exciting. Many people have been able to completely eliminate their intrusive, avoidant and arousal symptoms using the ITR method. Therapists talk about seeing results with their clients in one session.

Become a Certified ITR Therapist

There are millions of people suffering from traumatic stress and PTSD. Many of them visit our website daily looking for intensive trauma therapy. They are looking for therapists that are certified trauma therapists in the ITR method. We would love to send them to you. Call us for more information 833-487-8437

If you are looking to get certified you can find we are doing trainings online and live (see available courses) for a fraction of the cost of many other less effective trainings. You will enjoy your work so much more when you see results fast. People need you to learn the ITR method!

Our Certification Process

Level 1 = Accelerated Traumatology Course (ATC) 101 online course with experiential exercises using the HFT app. Complete Quiz, Evaluation and print out Certificate.

Level 2 = Complete Level 1 + complete ATC 102 Live. You must pass parameters established to prove you can administer the ITR method to a client proficiently from Intake to follow up.

Level 3 = CERTIFICATION in the ITR method: ITR Certified Trauma Therapist (ITR-CTT)

Completion of Level 2 + Do your own work + 6 months of consultation calls (12 calls) with completion of 3 separate treatment cases + 3 CEs every 2 years from ITR Training Institute.

Level 4 = CERTIFIED ITR INSTRUCTOR (CITRI) Become an Instructor with the ITR Training Institute.  Complete Level 3 + Additional 6 months of consultation calls (24 total) with 12 treatment cases + assist at live trainings + exhibit training/teaching skills and pass a initial Knowledge Test for Instructors plus one every five years. Recertification is required every year with participation in the Instructors Circle hosted by ITR Training Institute. Instructors are only permitted to train through the ITR Training institute.

Help for Trauma App

  • Work with your client in the office or remotely. Many people enjoy the digital option of doing the ITR method in whole or in part. If you feel a client is able, you can even work with them remotely. This is beneficial in many situations.
  • If you or a client only use the method periodically, you have an easy step by step guide to doing the method.
  • The app allows a client to keep adding to and changing their work as needed. It stores it on their own private account for future reference or continued therapy. Only the therapist has access to their account if it is set up by the therapist. A client can set up their own account if you prefer.
  • You can have your client do homework to help speed up the process if you have limited time with them. This keeps them engaged and moving forward in between sessions.
  • Your client can draw on the website/app and you can download the drawings and print if you prefer to do the re-presenation on a board and or shred the drawings physically.
  • No video equipment needed. Use the website/app for the re-presentation. We have found many clients enjoy doing their own re-presentation and the website app helps to distance them even more.
  • Clients love the video/text options for the externalized dialogue.
  • Video externalized dialogue is very useful with clients who have DID.
  • The Parts map is something that will always be a work in progress. You and your client will always be able to find it when the time comes to adjust it.
  • The website or app can be connected to a larger monitor for group work to be seen better by all.
  • The resources are easily accessible by you or your client.

Many therapists have experienced great results using the ITR method in their practices. Here are some testimonials.

The ITR method is the most efficient, gentle and thorough therapeutic model and procedures, I have come across in training and in practice so far, to help integrate one’s trauma/stress history, and to help relieve one’s trauma- and stress-related consequences for the body, mind and relationships. It gives me, and people I work with, clarity and direction with therapeutic opportunities, goals and tools needed for a tangible therapeutic outcome in the shortest possible (or available) time, given one’s scope of trauma/stress history and life context. It helps save time until relief by introducing procedures – neurobiologically and clinically sounds, for each stage and aspect of trauma integration – that – for most people my colleagues and I work with – allow to safely process the most impactful and foundational trauma without delay. Wisdom, compassion and dignity best describe the inner workings of this model and practice.

It is an honor to work with the ITR method tools and witness clients be relieved from post-traumatic consequences and grow into their full potential. I am grateful to Dr. Linda Gantt and Dr. Louis Tinnin for their lifetime of work and their introduction to this approach.

Iryna Natalushko, MA, CTT, Art Therapist, Trauma Specialist, Fulbright Scholar

I love the ITR. I have been using it consistently in my full time work with treatment of children and adolescents with problematic sexual behaviors, and in my private practice. I urge other programs I work with to train their staff immediately in the ITR method. We will get the rest of our staff registered as fast as possible!

D Davis, 2017

There is no better method out there. This is the only one I will ever use. It’s the only one that has such powerful, lasting results and so quickly. It’s amazing and Dr Tinnin and Dr. Gantt are brilliant. Brain science has proven what they have been saying for years. I hope the rest of the field learns this. Our world will be a different place

Alexandria Zettler, 2017

Clients and therapists alike ask how they can help spread the word about the ITR method. If you are willing, please give us your testimony or send us a video to and we will post it! We love to hear all your stories. It is so inspiring to all of us working hard and sometimes alone in remote areas. Thanks for contributing.